Selling and Buying of Invoice Receivables

We connect SMEs who wish to sell receivables invoices and Buyers through our online platform - any local company who wishes to secure cash can use their invoice receivables (30 - 120 day terms) as collateral and sell it to buyers at a discount. Those who buy the invoices earning 2% - 3% monthly.

How it works

Registration and Log in

Register and accomplish basic ‘KYC/AML’ requirements

Invoice Upload

Upload invoice receivable/s and wait for verification and approval

Invoice Auction

Invoices will be awarded to the Funder with the highest bid amount

Fund Disbursement

Discounted funds are transferred to the Invoice Seller within 1 - 3 days

Who are KyoPay’s customers?
Small and Medium Businesses based in Myanmar

•  Are your clients paying late?

•  Do you wait 15 days, 30 days, 60 days, 90 days or longer before your clients pay you?


KyoPay helps local SMEs get immediate cash by selling their invoices at discounted prices.

Retail Buyers, Family Offices, Banks

•  Interested in earning 15% - 30% every year?

•  Interested in profiting from safe, short term investment alternatives?

•  Need to diversify your portfolio?

•  Are you a Myanmar Local or a Foreigner living in Myanmar?


Interested people can buy invoices from legitimate local businesses in Myanmar and earn from invoice discounts.
KyoPay Ambassadors

•  Do you know local SMEs who can benefit from selling their invoice receivables?

•  Do you know people who can benefit from buying invoice receivables?


Introduce your connections to KyoPay and receive rewards for every successful transaction KyoPay has with the SME or Buyer you referred!


For Invoice Sellers


Source of funds come from 3rd party buyers, usually High Net Worth Individuals and MFIs. Compared to Banks processing takes only 1 - 3 business days.


Amount to be discounted is equivalent to the full value of the invoice less applicable taxes

Basis of Credit

The Seller of the invoice is not the main basis for credit rating checks. Credit is based on the financial standing of the invoice seller's clients whom they provided the product or service to.

Bought by BanksBought by 3rd Party Investors
100% is discounted70% - 80% is discounted
Hard CollateralNo Collateral
3 - 6 wks processing3 days processing

For Invoice Buyers

Key Benefits

  • Strict invoice receivables validation procedures 
  • Invoice Receivables from Blue Chip and multinational companies in good standing 
  • Collection team follows up on Invoice payments and collect on the Funder’s behalf

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