KyoPayTechnologies (KyoPay), an online marketplace for invoice receivables that offers a fast, simple, and secure way for businesses in Myanmar to improve cash liquidity. We offer an alternative solution, especially for small- and medium-sized enterprises looking to boost cash flows.


KyoPay connects businesses in need of liquidity to third-party funders willing to invest in an under-utilized asset class.

Using a model proven in emerging markets, KyoPay offers SMEs the opportunity to auction off their invoice receivables from financially-sound clients in order to secure cash for business growth.

KyoPay, the brand name of KyoPay Technologies, a Myanmar-registered joint venture, was founded by Acudeen Technologies Inc. of the Philippines and Anthem Asia (Myanmar) Ltd. in late 2017.

"Kyo Pay" means "pay in advance" in Myanmar language. Our brand is an owl, a symbol of a higher wisdom and strategy, and in Myanmar culture, is a symbol of goodluck.

KyoPay empowers Myanmar-based business owners and operators and helps them thrive amidst the economic challenges and rising competition found in Southeast Asia's newest frontier market.


KyoPay as the leading and most accessible platform in providing liquidity for SMEs using movable assets and technology.


To build sustainable alternative solutions to liquidity for SMEs, offer attractive investment opportunities for investors, and create value to shareholders through our marketplace model for invoice discounting

Core Values

KyoPay’s core values are embedded in its culture, its service, and its value to its customers and shareholders. The values are strongly upheld and observed by the company’s management, employees, and its partners.

Our team is Resilient: by having the ability to quickly pivot to emerging changes in the market and in technology, we can rapidly adapt to become the forefront of reconstructing the current financial system to a more financially inclusive environment.

We promote the decentralization of information for the sake of an improved and an enlightened decision making process through the Transparency of our platform. And to become a Trustworthy source of information for all.

Our solutions are built through Collaborative discussions with our stakeholders to create Innovative concepts and ideas that break through standardized financing and investing.

We show Compassion to all those who wish to use our solution for the purpose of business growth and development while ensuring Fair treatment to other market participants. Lastly, we aim to show the utmost Respect towards the members of the Company and its associated businesses.

Partners (Joint Venture Investors)
Acudeen Technologies Inc.

The Philippines first and leading online marketplace platform for movable assets. Acudeen has helped over 400 small and medium sized entities (SMEs) in the Philippines to sell their movable assets like invoice receivables for immediate liquidity ahead of their maturity date.

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Anthem Asia (Myanmar) Ltd.

Anthem Asia is an independent investment and advisory group focused on building commercial and sustainable SME business in Myanmar. Anthem Asia has been at the forefront of SME growth and innovation investing in the development of a number of local companies in Myanmar.

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