September 8, 2018

Daily Life Hacks for Saving Money

Are you thinking why you are saving less or having low funds at then end of every month? Let me tell you why? Most of these are just replacements for things you ordinarily do or are one-time small projects that will save money. None of them are incredibly complicated. They all just … work.

1. Carpool to work with a friend. Carpooling saves tons of money in gas, and it is also good for the environment.

2. Turn off your lights. We as a society have become much better at conserving energy, but it is always helpful to have a reminder to turn off the kitchen lights when you are in your bedroom and vice versa.

3. Give up alcohol. A glass of wine can definitely be nice at the end of a long workday, but alcohol is quite expensive, and going without it can save some people thousands thourghout the year.

4. Monitoring the brightness. We are all using more power than we need to because of the brightness of our TVs and computer monitors. The factory settings are usually much brighter than needed, so save some money, energy and probably your eyes, too by lowering the brightness settings on your screens.


5. Painting your roof white. Dark-colored roofs absorb more heat than lighter- colored ones, heating up the interior of the house as a result. White roofs do not heat up as much, meaning you pay less on your energy bills.


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