Selling Calculator

Kyopay’s Calculator
Know your discountable amount by using Kyopay’s Calculator.

Step 1: Discountable Amount (Invoice Face Value)
      Please put your Invoice Face Value in the white box. It must be the same value that is on your invoice.


Step 2: Number from day left until Due Date
      Please enter the remaining days before the Due Date.


Step 3: Aliquam mattis leo sed congue ornare.
      Please put the Monthly Discount Rate which Kyopay approved.


Step 4: Kyopay Process Fees
      Please put your agreed Kyopay Process Fees.


Step 5: Total Cost of Discounting
      Once you have completed all of the above, you will receive a discounted amount on the invoice value you sold.


Step 6: How much Funds you receive
      In the last step, you can calculate the amount of money you can get in advance using the Kyopay Invoice Discounting Service.


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